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Staying Informed
It can be difficult to stay in-touch with the many on-going projects and initiatives, two good monthly newsletters are:

The following are a few of the current organisations, projects etc that we have been following:

Bodelian Library
Details of the Paradigm Project (2005-2007) and its successor futureArch (2008-2011) which like the AIMS project is also funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Follow the project via their futureArch blog 

Digital Forensics, Stanford University Libraries includes Michael Olson’s blog 

Digital Curation Centre
The Digital Curation Centre is the UK’s leading centre of expertise in digital data curation including its curation lifecycle model and a blog 

Digital Curation Exchan

Digital Lives Research Project
Based at the British Library this project is concerned with personal digital collections includes a blog 

Digital Preservation Coalition
The Digital Preservation Coalition was established in 2001 to foster joint action to address the challenges of digital preservation and includes “Selection of Digital Materials for Long-term Retention Decision Tree

Gloucestershire Archives  

Details of its current digital curation work including GAiP an ingest package they have developed

Hull History Centre
Details of the current work and the collaboration and dissemination being undertaken at Hull.

Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute 

Internet Archive

Established in 1996 the Internet Archive has captured snapshots of an estimated 150bn webpage with its Wayback Machine providing access to the sites

Library of Congress

Parliamentary Archives

Informative pages including links to policy, strategy and decision tree 


Major 4 year project (2006-1010) funded through the European Union to address core digital preservation challenges including PLATO (planning tool) and testbed. This work will be continued by the Open Planets Foundation  

Preservation of Web Resources 

UK based project funded by JISC created a handbook  (Nov 2008) to highlight current trends in this area and includes links to related news, blogs and events 

The National Archives [UK] 
Comprehensive suite of pages about digital preservation at TNA including PRONOM, Digital Continuity project and links to the UK Government Web Archive 

 Web Archive Service hosted by the British Library that has been collecting UK websites since 2004 

University of 
London Computer Centre Details about the Centre’s activities and projects including a blog by the Centre’s Digital Archives staff 

 Library, Digital Curation Includes information about its digital curation toolbox including curation workflow