The Project Deliverables

Collections: 13 hybrid born-digital collections of important literary and political figures will be processed, preserved, and made accessible to researchers for the first time.

Hydra-client package: A complete Fedora™ based repository package for preserving born-digital materials will be made available for institutions to share. This package will include the necessary repository services and tools to process and install a fully-usable preservation repository.

This will include the use of Blacklight to provide a single faceted-search and browse interface for both traditional and born-digital content.

Digital Archivist Community: The project will create a cohort of digital archivists who will network with colleagues involved in similar work and look to apply traditional archival processing and description principals with born-digital material.

Published results: A guidebook that describes the methods adopted, lessons learned, and recommendations for best practices in collecting and preserving born digital collections.

Articles and Presentations
Poster presented at the 8th Digital Archiving Conference, 28-30th April, Geneva