Saturday, 9 June 2012

Brith Gof

Last week I was fortunate to be invited to a two day workshop hosted by the National Library of Wales (NLW) at Aberystwyth. The workshop brought together archivists, academics, library and ICT staff and students to discuss the “challenges” surrounding the Brith Gof and Clifford McLucas collections. The primary focus was on aspects of the digital preservation – with a range of media and carriers including floppy disks, zip drives, SyQuest cartridges (a new one to me) and Mac Book G4 amongst these two collections.

Discussions touched a wide range of topics and issues including digital forensics, cataloguing hybrid collections, digital curation, emulation and access. There was also a reminder of the complexity of intellectual property rights for performance material where different rights might be held for the set design, the score etc etc.

There was also a public event where a number of items from the collections were used as prompts by Professor Mike Pearson, co-founder of Brith Gof, to stimulate his recollections of Brith Gof. The range of items selected highlighted the rich nature of the collections that includes photographs, videos, set designs, huge banners (aswell as the more traditional paper archives). One aspect that is also being considered is how to capture/record the impact that Brith Gof had on those watching the performance.

I talked about the AIMS project and highlighted a number of the questions and issues that had arisen from our shared experiences that we have captured in our White PaperI really enjoyed the discussions, the informal nature and the reminder about making a deliberate effort to engage and attract a range of audiences.

Today is International Archives Day (twitter #archday12) to see what everybody has been saying.

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