Friday, 20 January 2012

AIMS White Paper now available

After a huge amount of effort the AIMS White Paper has finally been finished and is now available online.

The White Paper is intended as a framework for guide good practice in terms of archival tasks and objectives necessary for success. It builds upon the experiences of the four partner institutions - the universities of Hull, Stanford, Virginia and Yale - to process a range of collections with an array of format and media issues and using different software – we were keen to make this software agnostic and have gone back to the archival principles at the heart of the processes.

In many areas we found many similarities with existing practice with paper records and for some aspects we found there were multiple ways of achieving certain goals and we didn't want to be prescriptive in any way.  So instead it highlights key decision points and aspects of policy that may be determined at an institutional level and is intended to help people making the same journey that we have made – finding out about projects, tools & case studies and starting to build knowledge, skills & infrastructure.  

Although the publication of the White Paper officially marks the end of the AIMS project the institutions intend to continue collaborating and sharing their experiences on this blog.

We welcome your comments and feedback to the White Paper on this blog – whether you have implemented the framework or just found the guidance useful.

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